Wedding Planning Tip of the Week


If you have plenty of time to plan your wedding, like about a year, don’t be in too much of a hurry to make decisions in the beginning. I probably had our entire day planned (in my head) only 2 months after getting engaged. Ben and I talked about some of my ideas and he agreed to them. I even started buying and ordering things. Well, fast-forward 6 months and there are some things I’d actually like to change!

I realized I jumped the gun on a few things before really thinking about the big picture and how everything would fit together. For example, I had this cool thumbprint guestbook idea. I had my friend design it and already had the poster printed. Now our wedding day has really transformed into a music theme. So I kind of wish I had held off on doing the guestbook, especially since that’s something that literally can wait until the last minute. I would have liked a music theme guestbook like signed records or something.

So my best advise is don’t rush your planning. Wait until you have a comprehensive plan for your wedding decor, or at least a theme.


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