Bridesmaid Dress from Hell


Our wedding planning process has been very smooth and I’m thankful for that. Until it came time to pick out a bridesmaid dress. Maybe it’s because I was too particular or want them all in the exact same dress. But I thought I found a beautiful dress that would work and was inexpensive; until the maids started receiving their orders…

I have 4 bridesmaids and they all ordered the dress I sent them in a link. I wrote an initial post about the dress I ordered and loved. But when my maids started receiving their dresses, it was a nightmare! Nikki, my Maid of Honor ordered a size 10 and 12 in dark purple. She received an 8 and 12 and the shades of dark purple were totally different. Seriously, do these look the same to you???


Then Dawn tried hers on and she couldn’t get it back off because the zipper was stuck and her fiance had to rip it off her! Then Jamie ordered an 8, which is her normal size. It was a little too small so she ordered a 10. The 10 was smaller than the 8!! Needless to say I have told all bridesmaids to return their dresses and I will go look for another one. I don’t know how a seller can be on Amazon when the orders were completely wrong, dresses don’t match, and the quality of the zipper is bad. I’m really sad these dresses didn’t work for my maids and even sadder that this company doesn’t operate properly… It was unfortunate since the dress I received was amazing 😦


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