The Dreaded Wedding Dress Shopping


Brides-to-be love the dress shopping part of wedding planning, right? Well not this bride! Honestly, there’s nothing about that whole experience that excites me. I’m a frugal shopper so the cost of a dress alone really pisses me off! What makes that big, long, uncomfortable, white dress cost thousands of dollars, but yet beautiful ballgowns or even prom dresses are only $100-500? You add a train and make it white and it now costs $2,500? Why do I need to make an appointment to spend my money? Why can’t I take pictures? Why can’t I return the dress if I change my mind? Why does someone have to put me in the dress like I can’t dress myself?? Why do they insist on you wearing their bra instead of your own? I could seriously go on with my questions. I waited about 4.5 months to try on my very first wedding dress. And I hated that first experience. Hated it to the point that I really didn’t want to keep looking and I wouldn’t be that bride that cries when I found “the one” (I’m so not a crier so I never expected a dress to bring tears).

I’m the queen of buying clothing and taking it home, changing my mind, and returning it. Sometimes it’s that I decided I don’t like the way it looks or other times I have buyer’s remorse and hate the amount of money spent on it. So this presents a huge issue with a wedding dress… I understand that once you decide to have alterations made, you can’t return it. But why can’t a dress be returned if you find one you like better a few weeks later? Bridal stores pressure you into buying your dress right NOW! I don’t operate that way. The more you pressure me, the more I’ll just walk away. I’m not compulsive – hence why Ben and I dated 5 years before getting engaged, why I waited 4 years before moving in with Ben, why I researched a new car for over a year before buying it, and the list goes on.

So not only can I not return the dress, but I went to a couple stores that didn’t allow pictures. How am I supposed to remember the damn dresses if I can’t look back at pictures?!? Do you really think I’m going to have someone steal your dress design that costs $1,500 in the store and you think the’ll custom make for anything less than $3,000?? I’d just buy yours! Again, makes absolutely no sense. This alone made me not want to ever buy a dress from these certain stores. I even went into one that said no pics and then my MOH was accused of taking pics when she was actually just checking Facebook. Then I come out of the dressing room to find a bride’s mother blatantly taking her pic in a dress. I commented that maybe if I were spending $5,000 they’d allow me to take pics too. It’s all about money, that’s why weddings are becoming the biggest scam…

Now onto my next point, I’m an adult and I need another adult to put me into my clothing? I don’t think so! Your dresses are samples, you have a special off-the-rack because many people have been in them. I have been dressing myself for about 28 years now so I think I can handle getting into a dress. I do not need a stranger in the dressing room seeing me topless in see through panties. Not ok! If I were trying on a huge poofy Cinderella dress, ok maybe you’d need help. But my dresses were all form fitting and less fabric. I’m a less is more kind of girl.

Like I said, my first experience was horrible and really made me think I wouldn’t find a wedding dress that suited me. I guess we’ll see…


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