Wedding Planning Tip of the Week


The more you get into planning, the more learn (obviously!). But wouldn’t you like to skip the learning curve and just get all the little tips and know-hows up front? I wish I had… So I’ve decided each week, I’ll post my helpful tip. It may be one that’s obvious or one you would have never thought of. Either way, I think it would be helpful and hopefully my readers find it just that. This week I’ll start with this tip: Set up a wedding specific email and phone number.

The email is probably a common known idea, but the phone number was a great one I learned about! When all things wedding related are over and done with, you can just close both accounts. I used Gmail and Google Voice – both are free and easy to use. With a Voice account, you can choose to have it ring to your cell phone or just go to your Voice account where you can play messages or send/receive texts. This has been great when attending wedding expos or sending all the inquiries for quotes, info, etc. I’ve actually used it for other things non-wedding where I really don’t want people having my real number… LOL I highly suggest doing this. It also helps keep your regular email account cleaner. I literally receive about 30 emails each day to my wedding email account.


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