Feeling a Bit Over It All…


I’m even more annoyed now than when I started this post about being over it! I had half of it typed up and then it disappeared!! Now I have to re-type, ugh! So it’s 6 months out from the wedding and Ben and I were going over a couple things last night. One item was the Venetian Hour that his mom so badly wants to handle. It wasn’t something I wanted, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll just let her handle it because it’s one less thing I have to worry about or pay for and if she doesn’t follow through, then we just won’t have dessert. Ben was shocked by my casual “whatever” demeanor, but I think he might have been appalled when I told him I was over it all already and wish we already had the wedding. I had to explain to him that we’re already 75% ready for the wedding. So I get to drive myself crazy overthinking and over-analyzing all the details and changing my mind a million times on decisions we’ve already made because I have too much time! I mean just last night we decided on a new idea for the wedding invitations after we had already picked them out months ago…

I’m an extreme planner and I’m not patient, so this leads to getting things planned right away and then not having the patience to wait for it. I feel like the next 6 months will be torture for me. And all the while, all I want to do is take a freaking vacations! We travel all the time, but because of the wedding, we decided not to this year and I’m going crazy in the state of Florida!!! I’m not sure if my “over-it” feelings are normal. I feel like it’s not because most brides are in love with their engagement and wedding planning and I’m just odd. This also isn’t a new feeling… I’ve been feeling this way for the past month or two. I even took several breaks in the planning for extended periods of time over the past 7 months!  I just want it all over and done with. I think for me, a longer engagement was not a good idea, but it was Ben’s one wish when we got engaged to wait at least 12 months for the wedding. I honored that wish because I love him 🙂


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