Purple Bridesmaid Dress


I have been endlessly looking for the prefect bridesmaid dress. I’d like to say I’m not a bridezilla and hope my maids would say the same… BUT, I want all my lovely ladies in the exact same dress. Now I get it that not everyone looks good in the same style. For example, the style I wear, none of my friends can pull off and vise versa. I’m bottom heavy and they are all top heavy. So this actually works perfect for my bridesmaids. I knew I wanted purple and floor length and I knew I didn’t want them to break the bank paying for a dress that, let’s face it, they will never wear again!

I have had such horrible experiences with both David’s Bridal and Alfred Angelo that I did not want to give either of them our business. Like seriously, horrible customer service ever and rude staff! Plus, most of their dresses were $150 and up. Then I tried a local bridal store by the house – Mariolka’s. But not one floor length dress was under $205!! All the while I had been searching online, mostly Amazon Prime since it’s free shipping and free returns. The issue with online is that you don’t know what color the dress will look like in person. I had to have looked at hundreds of dresses and read just as many reviews, many of which said the color was either much lighter or darker than pictured, the fabric was cheap, the length was too short, etc. I also found that a true purple was hard to come by. Most options were plum or eggplant, which isn’t what I wanted.

I finally came across a dark purple dress that had very positive reviews and many buyers even posted pictures of themselves in the dress: bit.ly/purplebridesmaiddress The style was strapless with a flowing bottom. I knew this would look great on all my ladies. And the price was only $39.99 – 54.99!! I immediately ordered it and couldn’t wait for it to arrive 2 days later. When it came in the mail, I was like a child on Christmas. I tore that packaging open in half a second and was already in love with the color. Then the moment of truth when I tried it on. I still loved it!! It was a beautiful dress, high quality material and seemed no different than the $200 dresses in the stores. Right away I text all 4 bridesmaid with the link to buy and told them not to wait. I received confirmation that 3 of the 4 ordered and today I noticed there were no longer any sizes 2-6 available. The 4th bridesmaid is the smallest one and I’m praying she bought hers already…

What do you think?


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