Mini Wedding Planning Break


So I haven’t posted for about 2 weeks… And quite honestly, I took those 2 weeks off from all wedding planning. Add to that, I was out of town for work for our biggest fitness expo, the Arnold Sports Festival. I do the event planning for my job and was too busy wrapping up last minute needs for the expo that the wedding just had to sit on the back burner.

I spent almost a week in Columbus, OH putting a 20 x 80 booth together and working sales for 3 days straight. Needless to say, I’m exhausted and my feet still hurt. It usually takes about 8 months to plan this event and have all of the pieces together. Luckily, we have a 3D render artist in house that can actually layout the exact booth for graphics, color schemes, item placement, etc. so we ensure everything flows together. I’m starting think this program would be perfect for wedding reception layouts! So if you were wondering where I went, now you know.

But now I’m ready to get back into wedding planning mode! I can’t believe it’s only 220 days away from our big day!! That’s a little over 7 months. Time is flying and I still feel like we have so much to do that it’s actually scary to think about. My last post was about linens, and while we’ve decided to buy them, I can’t seem to make up my mind on what color we should go with. All along I was set on purple tablecloths with gray napkins and now I’m leaning towards the opposite. I have all of these great ideas, but wonder what it’s actually going to look like when it’s all put together. What if I don’t like it, what if it’s too much, what if it looks bare? So many questions!  This is why I need to learn 3D rendering 😉 So I’m not quite sure what the next exact step to tackle will be, but I’ll be sure to share when we figure it out!


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