Wedding Linens: Rent Vs. Buy

download.pngOur wedding venue provides tables and chairs, but we are responsible for the linens. I was checking around at a few rental places for tablecloths, napkins and tiebacks.

Being the thrifty girl I am, I want the best deal to keep our wedding spend as tiny as possible, which is definitely not an easy task! To rent linens, the average cost is about $13.25 for a 120″ round tablecloth. After exhausting my linen research skills, I found the best deal at The same size tablecloth was $10.99 to buy. Since we need 12 total, this is $27.12 in savings, plus we can turn around resell them after our wedding on craigslist,, or eBay and maybe make $100 back.

I know most people may find renting easier because the company delivers and possibly sets them up for you, but even if you don’t want the hassle of selling them afterwards, you can always just trash them or donate to Goodwill for a tax savings and you still saved money buying vs. renting. It’s small little tips like this that can help save lots of money in the end for weddings or any event. Do you have any wedding savings tips?


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