Wedding Registry

So Ben and I have every household item imaginable. I sold my home about a year and half ago and we had two of literally everything! We picked the nicer of the two and sold off, donated, or put into storage as much of it as we could. We certainly don’t need a normal wedding registry.

Keeping that mind, I was trying to figure out a tactful way of asking our guests for money. I thought we could use it towards our honeymoon or maybe “Operation Remodel the Kitchen” fund. After some research and digging, I came across actual registry sites for honeymoons! I didn’t even know this existed, let alone eight or so sites I came across! I want to share some of the great ones I found to maybe eliminate some added work from your wedding planning plate.


This site allows you to create your wedding site and registry. But this honeymoon registry has the highest fees of the ones I’ll touch on. Either the guest purchasing the gift pays 9.65% or the honeymooners can take on 2.65% processing fee, still leaving guests to pay 7% – but hey, I guess it’s like paying tax on a physical object. The site does allow you to transfer your gift to their partner resorts or cruise lines. Overall, it seems fairly easy to use, but I personally don’t care for the overall look of the registry.


Honeyfund was on Shark Tank! Ohh and ahh ladies and gents lol To start, I like that this site allows you to use PayPal. PayPal is a secure and trusted site, so guests will probably like that. What they’ll also like, is this site never has guests paying any fees to give a gift. The honeymooners pay 2.8% plus $0.30 per transaction. Honeyfund also allows you to add other registries, not just your honeymoon, from sites like Amazon, Macy’s, Best Buy, etc. The look and layout is more appealing and advanced.


This site claims they are the lowest in fees for cash and honeymoon funds at just 2.65% credit card processing fee. You can add home goods, destinations, events, or plain ol’ cash registries here. Your personal site isn’t anything special, in fact it was kind of boring when I was browsing people’s registries. I want to be inspired, but maybe this is the downside to paying the minimal fee.

download (1).png

I’m not sure if the other sites have this, but on Wanderable you have different site layout options so you can totally customize it. It can even serve as your wedding website with the option to add your own pictures and “Our Story” and “Big Day Details”. The fees for this site are 2.5% credit card fee to the gift givers and then a 2.5% fee for the honeymooners. Or the newlyweds can take on the guests fee and pay 5%.


I’m only including this one to show I looked at all kinds of options, but I really don’t like the look at all. The personal registry sites are ugly! There’s no personalization or photo options, just a Google map with a pintpoint of your honeymoon location. And to make matters worse, the fee is 7% to the honeymooners! Ok, enough of this site.


This site is similar to Wanderable. It allows you to customize the layout with images and text about whatever you’d like to share. The fees are a bit higher though. Coming in at 2.95% to the couple and 2.95% plus $0.99 to the gift giver. Or the couple can absorb the giver fees, but this puts you at 5.9% plus $0.99 per gift!

Ok, that so those sites should be enough to get you started. I’m sure new sites pop up regularly. But the fees are really the most important aspect to focus on. Your guests don’t want to pay high fees and if you’re the couple getting married, you don’t want to lose money to high fees either. In the end, MONEY is the easiest gift. You can do whatever you’d like with it and always get what you want 🙂




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