Engagement Photoshoot

After tons and tons of searching around and talking to different photographers, I went with Sarah Kenney Photography. She photographed my friend’s wedding and did a beautiful job. She was the first photographer I reached out and not really sure why I didn’t stop there…

When planning a wedding, there are certain items that you just can’t get a cheap price on and the photographer is one. These main items are really what keeps any bride from having a budget any less than $5,000 unless you don’t want food, don’t want any pics to remember the day, don’t want a reception venue, etc. It’s exhausting!

But what’s ridiculous is that in my photographer search, I learned a lot. I learned that in South Florida, prices can range from $895-$9100!!! Umm, why did I not become a professional photographer and charge $9100 per wedding?!?! Ok, yes this is extremely… retarded, yes, retarded! I’m not even spending that for our ENTIRE wedding!! Alright, end rant.

So back to Sarah Kenney Photography. We decided to do our engagement shoot in December in Downtown Boynton Beach which has some history, both between Ben and I and in years. There’s a historic High School that I have been petitioning to be salvaged and renovated. It’s very interesting and looks amazing. Then, there’s also new, neat art pieces randomly placed down Ocean Ave along with beautiful, mature Banyan Trees.

So since we want everything to be very much “us” instead of generic engagement pics, we decided to do two outfits, one that was nicer and the other was donning our favorite sports team. Sarah did an amazing job and we absolutely love the finished photos! Check out a few below.


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