How We Met

I first laid eyes on Ben around July 2010 at a restaurant called Noche in Palm Beach Gardens. Funny enough, he thought I was on a date when in fact I was out with a group of friends and just so happened to be driven there by a guy friend. We didn’t really speak to each other aside from group conversations. Fast forward a couple weeks, and we are standing next to each other in the outfield at our coed softball game.

We had mutual friends that asked us both to play. Ben was in left field and I was in left center. A ball was hit to me and I began running for it. Also running for it was Ben and he heard me yelling “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” He laughed at me making me realize I was yelling that out loud – not in my head! Needless to say, I missed the ball and felt embarrassed.

After the game (we lost – boo!), the team went to grab some food and drinks. Ben sat across from me and we both talked about how we lost the game for the team – he missed a ball in the outfield also. Our food arrived and we stopped talking. Feeling a little uncomfortable, I started watching the TV which was on the Pittsburgh Steelers pre-season game. Ben asked if that was my team. It was my turn to laugh at him! Hell no I told him. I am a Colts fan! So this was the day that began it all and led us to planning a wedding!


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